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Conor Walton in his studio

Conor Walton (born 1970) is an Irish figurative painter. Walton lives and works in Wicklow, Ireland.[1]


Walton was born in Ireland and trained at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin and Charles Cecil Studios in Florence, Italy.[2] Walton has been featured in multiple Irish and international solo exhibitions.[3][4]

His commissioned portraits can be found in many public and private collections, including The National Self Portrait Collection of Ireland,[5] The Irish Armed Forces[6] and those of Trinity College and University College, both in Dublin.

His work has also featured on book covers[7][8] and postage stamps in Ireland and abroad.[9]


Walton paints principally from life, eschewing photorealism for more painterly values. While retaining an uncanny realism from a distance, on close examination his mark-making is often gestural and the surface densely worked.[10][11][12][13]



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