Conquest of Ha'il

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Conquest of Ha'il
Part of Unification of Saudi Arabia
Date 1921
Location Ha'il, Arabia

Sultanate of Nejd (Saudi) victory

  • Surrender of the Emirate of Ha'il
  • Incorporation of Jabal Shammar into Saudi Sultanate
Emirate of Ha'il

Sultanate of Nejd Supported by:

 United Kingdom
Commanders and leaders

Abdullah bin Mutʿib

Muhammad bin Talāl
Abdulaziz Ibn Saud

Conquest of Ha'il also referred as the Second Saudi–Rashidi War, was engaged by the Saudi forces, which received British military assistance and its ally Ikhwan tribesmen upon the Emirate of Ha'il (Jabal Shammar), under the last Rashidi ruler. On November 2, 1921, the last Al Rashid dynasty rulers surrendered Jebel Shammar to the Saudi forces.

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