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Conquista de Titã (Titan's Conquest) is a virtual reality multiplayer game that is part of a television show in Brazil (2005-2006).

The game[edit]

Conquista de Titã

Designed specifically for a TV show, TV Xuxa, Conquista de Titã is a multiplayer game unique in several aspects, and the only one to be broadcast to a large audience to date (20+ million viewers).[citation needed]

The game is part of Rede Globo's show 'TV Xuxa', aired daily during the mornings. From Monday to Thursday, two teams (usually girls vs boys) compete in a series of physical and intellectual challenges, keeping the score until the final task on Friday: Conquista de Titã (Titan's Conquest).

Each team elects one pilot which takes seat in an individual spaceship cockpit. Using virtual reality helmets and an advanced set of controls, they must race each other from Saturn to Titan, avoiding asteroids, fighting space pirates and ultimately landing on the moon in a 3D simulation game. All the action is shown in huge screens for the audience present at the show as well as aired to the television. After six levels of intense action (lasting about six minutes in total), the game is over and one of the pilots is awarded the victory. The amount of points granted is enough to change the score accumulated during the week in the previous tasks, turning the game into the most relevant activity of the whole show.

The game features very advanced graphics aimed to impress the viewers. The graphics are generated in real time by specific hardware. There is no commercial version available for the general public.

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