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Bill Schorr's Conrad (1983)

Conrad was a comic strip about "America's favorite frog prince". Written and illustrated by Bill Schorr, the strip was launched November 8, 1982. Syndicated by Tribune Media Services, it had a run for over three years, ending June 7, 1986.

Characters and story[edit]

The frog Conrad, needing money to pay his bookie, convinces the fat, dim-witted fairy tale princess that he is an enchanted prince who can be turned into a human by a kiss.

Other characters include the princess' father, the King, who is skeptical that Conrad is a prince, and resident witch Aggie, who grants spells and potions to the princess. Fido, the princess's pet alligator, thinks he is a dog.

More by Schorr[edit]

The strip did not catch on and was dropped in the summer of 1986. In addition to editorial cartoons, Bill Schorr went on to create three more comic strips: The Grizzwells (1987–present), Phoebe's Place (1990-1991) and Lunchbucket (1993, with Rex May).


Two Conrad book collections were published in 1985.

Title Cover Publication Date ISBN
Conrad June, 1985 ISBN 0-671-50824-5
Short, Green and Conrad "Short, Green and Conrad." December, 1985 ISBN 0-671-50825-3