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Relief of Trajan's Column, published by Cichorius

Conrad Cichorius (25 May 1863 in Leipzig – 20 January 1932 in Bonn) was a German historian and classical philologist. He is known for publishing a complete survey of the reliefs of Trajan's Column, which still forms the basis of modern scholarship.[1]

From 1882 to 1886 he studied at the universities of Freiburg, Leipzig and Berlin, and in 1895 became an associate professor at Leipzig. Later on, he was a full professor of ancient history at the universities of Breslau (1900–16) and Bonn (1916–28). In 1923/24 he served as university rector.[2]

Selected works[edit]

  • Rom und Mytilene, Teubner, Leipzig 1888
  • Die Reliefs der Traianssäule. Erster Tafelband: "Die Reliefs des Ersten Dakischen Krieges", Tafeln 1-57, Berlin: Verlag von Georg Reimer, 1896
  • Die Reliefs der Traianssäule. Zweiter Tafelband: "Die Reliefs des Zweiten Dakischen Krieges", Tafeln 58-113, Berlin: Verlag von Georg Reimer, 1900
  • Die Reliefs des Denkmals von Adamklissi, Leipzig 1897
  • Untersuchungen zu Lucilius, Berlin 1908
  • Römische Studien. Historisches, Epigraphisches, Literaturgeschichtliches aus vier Jahrhunderten Roms, Leipzig/Berlin 1922


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Further reading[edit]

  • Lepper, Frank; Frere, Sheppard (1988), Trajan's Column. A New Edition of the Cichorius Plates. Introduction, Commentary and Notes, Gloucester: Alan Sutton Publishing, ISBN 0-86299-467-5

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