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Conrad Hubbard is best known as a web designer and author for White Wolf, Inc..

Author credits[edit]

Published material by Conrad Hubbard consists of contributions to more than 35 books which are classified as roleplaying game books, published by White Wolf Publishing and Sword & Sorcery Studios.

Books which Conrad Hubbard has contributed to include:

World of Darkness titles[edit]

d20 System titles[edit]

Exalted titles[edit]

  • Creatures of the Wyld
  • The Tomb of 5 Corners (free download at White Wolf's website)
  • Exalted Second Edition
  • Manual of Exalted Power: Dragon-Blooded
  • Manual of Exalted Power: Lunars
  • Book of Sorcery, vol.3: Oadenol's Codex
  • Compass of Terrestrial Directions, vol.2: The West
  • Manual of Exalted Power: Sidereals

Trinity Universe titles[edit]

  • Hidden Agendas
  • Trinity Technology Manual
  • Trinity Battleground
  • Trinity Battleground Players Guide (unpublished release downloadable from White Wolf's site)

Concept and design credits[edit]

Books which Conrad Hubbard has helped with concept and design include:

Web design[edit]

As a web designer for White Wolf, Conrad Hubbard led the production of a text-based online chat based role-playing game set in the World of Darkness, fictional New Bremen, Georgia. The New Bremen chat used off the shelf software called Digichat (a product of Digi-Net Technologies, Inc.), supplemented with a database that stored characters and the Storytellers approvals thereof and notes pertaining to them.

Over the years after the introduction of New Bremen, White Wolf opened multiple roleplaying game chat settings using a similar model.

The roster of moderated White Wolf RPG Chat settings included:

Additionally, White Wolf hosted unmoderated chat room areas, where people could join together to run their own roleplaying games using the same software and database design as the moderated rooms.


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