Conrad I of Burgundy

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Conrad I of Burgundy
Spouse(s) Matilda of France
Noble family Elder House of Welf
Father Rudolph II of Burgundy
Mother Bertha of Swabia
Born c. 925
Died 19 October 993(993-10-19)

Conrad I, called Conrad the Peaceful (c. 925 – 19 October 993), was the king of Burgundy from 937 until his death. He was the son of King Rudolph II, the first king of a united Burgundy, and Bertha of Swabia. Some sources call him Conrad III, since he was the third Conrad in his family: his great-grandfather was Duke Conrad II, whose father was Count Conrad I.

His reign was peaceful (hence his byname) and he was popular with his subjects. The only war in which he got involved was a simultaneous invasion of Saracens and Magyars in which he played them off against each other. He then routed them in combat.

He married Matilda, daughter of Louis IV of France and Gerberga of Saxony.[1] They had at least four children:

He was secondly married to Adelaide of Bellay. They were parents to at least one daughter:

By his concubine, Aldiud, he had a son:


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Conrad I of Burgundy
Born: c. 925 Died: 19 October 993
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Rudolph II
King of Burgundy
Succeeded by
Rudolph III