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Conrad Moench (1744 – 1805) was a German botanist, sometimes written Konrad Mönch, was a professor of botany at the Marburg University from 1786 until his death. (Mönch is German for Monk).

He wrote 'Methodus Plantas horti botanici et agri Marburgensis' in 1794, an arranged account of plants in the fields and gardens of Marburg. In 1802 he named the plant Gillenia trifoliata in a supplement to a local flora of the city of Marburg. He also named the plant genus Echinacea in 1794.[1]

The botanical genus Moenchia (family Caryophyllaceae) is named in his honor.[2]

The standard botanical author abbreviation Moench is applied to plants he described.

Principal writings[edit]

  • Enumeratio plantarum indigenarum Hassiae praesertim inferioris, secundum methodum sexualem dispositarum, 1777.
  • Methodus plantas horti botanici et agri marburgensis, 1794 (published in several editions).
  • Systematische Lehre von denen gebräuchlichsten Einfachen und zusammengesezten Arzney-Mitteln : zum Gebrauch Akademischer Vorlesungen, 1795 - Systematic teaching of simple and compound medicines; academic lectures.
  • Einleitung zur Pflanzen-Kunde, 1798 - Introduction to botany.[3]


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