Conscientious Arsonists

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Conscientious Arsonists (CA), also known as Arsonists of Conscience (Greek: Εμπρηστές Συνείδησης), is a defunct anarchist[1] Greek terrorist organization that firebombed 62 cars and bombed offices between June 1997 and June 1998. Nikos Maziotis led the organization until he disbanded it in June 1998.[2]

CA firebombed the cars of government officials, journalists, and foreign companies. CA bombed the offices of the press minister, the retired army officers' union, and in April 1998 it bombed the Central Board of Jewish Communities.[2]

In June 1998, CA released a statement saying, "The war campaign we have waged over the last year is being temporarily suspended, in order for us to redefine our positions in the trenches of class struggle".[2]


CA soaked propane gas canisters in gasoline and lit the device to bomb the office of Nikos Famakis, a Panhellenic Socialist Movement Member of Parliament, in Larissa on 29 May 1998.[3]