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Military service in the Cypriot National Guard is mandatory for all male citizens of the Republic of Cyprus, as well as any male non-citizens born of a parent with Greek Cypriot descent, lasting from the 1st of January of the year which they turn 18 years of age to the 31st of December of the year which they turn 50.[1] All male residents of Cyprus who are of military age (16 and over) are required to obtain an exit visa from the Ministry of Defense.


The Republic of Cyprus has an active military draft. Conscripts enlisting as of the 2016 winter draft have to serve a term of 14 months,[2] and military service continues as a reservist after the end of the term. Reservists are called up several times a year, for 1 or 2 days at a time, each year until the age of 50, at which point they can choose to voluntarily continue their military service.[3]

Conscientious objectors due to religious or ideological views may serve an alternative military service, or an alternative civil service, depending on each case.[4] Enlisting was optional for members of the Armenian and Maronite, and Roman Catholic minorities, but as of 2008 it is compulsory for them as well.


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