Yanam Municipality

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Yanam Municipality

యానాం నగరపాలక సంస్థ
ஏனாம் நகராட்சி
Gowri Saroja

Municipalité de Yanaon (Yanam Municipality) was created by a French Metropolitan Decree dated 12 March 1880. Yanaon municipality had 12 seats (Sièges). Citizens from each ward elect one representative for "Conseil Municipal de Yanaon" (Yanam Municipal Council). The term of the office is 6 years.

General information[edit]

The Yanam Municipality is acting according to the Pondicherry Municipalities Act of 1973 which had been introduced by the Government and in effect since 26-01-1974. The Municipality is functioning under the purview of Municipal Council. In the absence of an elected local body, the Special Officer (Regional Administrator), appointed by the Government, is exercising all the powers and functions of the Municipal Council. The Commissioner, who has also been appointed by the Government, is the Chief Executive of the Municipality and also acts as the Registrar of Births and Deaths of the Municipality. Over all control and supervision is by the Director, L.A.D., Pondicherry. He also functions as the Chief Registrar of the Births and Deaths in the Union Territory of Pondicherry. The Municipality is a separate entity of self Government institution with constitutional status.

Organigramme of Yanam Municipality

Famous people in French regime[edit]

Election results of 1948[edit]

French Commissaire and Madimchetty Satianandam, Mayor of Yanam in 1940s in Madimchetty's house

In June 1948 the French and Indian Governments came to an agreement as to how the future of the French Settlements should be determined.

Municipal elections were held in Pondicherry, Karikal and Yanam on 24 October 1948. The two main parties were the French India Socialist Party (Socialists), who favoured the continuance of French rule, and the Indian National Congress Party, who favoured union with India. In Yanam the Socialist party was led by Kamichetty Sri Parassourama Varaprassada Rao Naidu, a strong pro-French leader and later MLA of Yanam. The Congress party was represented by Yerra Jagannatha Rao. Among the Independents, Madimchetty Satianandam was elected as mayor and performed a key role in the merging of Yanam in India. Total Seats were 12, with 3 Socialists and 9 Independents.

Present wards of Yanam[edit]

Present Situation[edit]

Yanam Municipality Chairman post is reserved for SC person. Elections were held during 2006 after nearly 4 decades. Present Chairman and Vice chairman of Yanam Municipal Council was Gidla Chandra Rao and Pendem Surya Prakash. The chairman and the ten councillors of Yanam municipality were sworn in on 5 July.

The present councillors are,

  • Gidla Chandra Rao (Chairman)
  • Pendem Surya Prakash (Vice-Chairman)
  • Chintakayala Venkatalakshmi
  • Kapaganty Mukunda Kumar
  • Gudala Parimala Devi
  • Meliam Subba Rao
  • Sangadi Padmavathi
  • Raksha Anjaneyulu
  • Chinta Nagalakshmi
  • Pothabathula Haribabu
  • Kavala Sathiraju

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