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This is the Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) roster, a list of professional wrestlers who work for the Mexican professional wrestling promotion CMLL. The alias (ring name) of the worker listed while the real name is not listed, most luchadores (wrestlers) keep their real name private and as such most are not a matter of public record. If a wrestler is inactive for any reason (due to injury, suspension, not wrestling for 30 days or other), that information is noted in the notes section. Other wrestlers have made guest appearances, especially North American wrestlers who have made special guest appearances, but unless they work a series of shows for CMLL they will not be listed as part of the general roster.

Male wrestlers[edit]

Ring name Real name Notes
Akuma Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Ángel de Oro Miguel Ángel Chávez Velasco
Apocalipsis Juan Contreras Uribe[1]  
Arkangel de la Muerte Undisclosed[Note 1]
Astral Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Atlantis Undisclosed[Note 1] Mexican National Light Heavyweight Champion[2]
Bárbaro Cavernario Leonardo Moreno Ayala [3]
Bengala Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Blue Panther Genaro Vazquez Nevarez[4]  
Blue Panther Jr. Undisclosed[Note 1] [5]
Brazo de Plata José Alvarado Nieves[6]  
Camorra Roberto Ruiz González  
Cancerbero Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Casas, CaneloCanelo Casas Unverified  
Carístico Luis Urive Alvirde Elite Middleweight Champion
Casas, NegroNegro Casas José Casas Ruiz CMLL World Tag Team Champion[7]
Casas, RockyRocky Casas Unverified [8]
Cholo Carlos Soriano Mendoza[9]  
Marco Corleone Mark Jindrak CMLL World Heavyweight Champion
Coyote, ElEl Coyote Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Cuatrero, ElEl Cuatrero Undisclosed[Note 1] Mexican National Trios Champion
CMLL Arena Coliseo Tag Team Champion
Occidente Trios Champion
Diamante Azul Undisclosed[Note 1]
Disturbio Israel Aguilar Alvarez  
Dragon Lee Undisclosed[Note 1] CMLL World Lightweight Champion
Dragón Rojo Jr. Undisclosed[Note 1] CMLL World Middleweight Champion[10]
Drone Undisclosed[Note 1] [11]
Eléctrico Undisclosed[Note 1] Mexican National Lightweight Champion[12]
Ephesto Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Esfinge Undisclosed[Note 1] Occidente Tag Team Champion
Espanto Jr. Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Euforia Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Felino, ElEl Felino Jorge Casas Ruiz  
Espiritu Negro Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Fiero Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Flyer Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Forastero Undisclosed[Note 1] Mexican National Trios Champion
Occidente Trios Champion
Fuego Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Grako Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Gran Guerrero Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Guerrero Maya Jr. Undisclosed[Note 1] [13]
Hechicero Undisclosed[Note 1] NWA World Historic Light Heavyweight Champion
Hijo del Signo, ElEl Hijo del Signo Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Inquisidor Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Johnny Idol Niwa McIlroy [14]
Kraneo Undisclosed[Note 1] [15]
Leono Unverified  
Luciferno Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Magia Blanca Undisclosed[Note 1] [8]
Magnus Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Maquiavelo Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Mephisto Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Metálico Salvador Munguia[16]  
Metatron Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Misterioso Jr. Undisclosed[Note 1]
Místico Undisclosed[Note 1] CMLL World Trios Champion[17]
Morphosis Undisclosed[Note 1] [15]
Mr. Águila José Delgado Saldaña [18]
Mr. Niebla Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Niebla Roja Sergio Raymundo Chávez Velasco  
Nitro Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Okumura Shigeo Okumura  
Olímpico Joel Galicia[19]  
Oro Jr. Undisclosed[Note 1]  
The Panther Undisclosed[Note 1] [13][5]
Pegasso Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Pierroth Arturo Muñoz  
Pólvora Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Principe Diamante Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Príncipe Odín Jr. Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Puma Undisclosed[Note 1] Occidente Light Heavyweight Champion
Raziel Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Reaper Undisclosed[Note 1] [15]
Retro Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Rey Bucanero Arturo García Ortiz FULL World Champion
Rey Cometa Mario González[20]  
Robin Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Rush William Muñoz González[21]  
Sagrado Undisclosed[Note 1]
Adonis, SamSam Adonis Samuel Polinsky  
Sangre Azteca Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Sangre Imperial Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Sanson Undisclosed[Note 1] Mexican National Trios Champion
CMLL Arena Coliseo Tag Team Champion
Occidente Trios Champion
Sensei Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Shocker José Jair Soria CMLL World Tag Team Champion[7]
Skándalo Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Soberano Jr. Undisclosed[Note 1] Mexican National Welterweight Champion
Sonic Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Star Jr. Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Starman Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Stigma Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Stuka Jr. Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Super Halcón Jr. Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Templario Undisclosed[Note 1]  
El Terrible Damián Gutiérrez Hernández  
Tiger Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Titán Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Último Guerrero José Gutiérrez Hernández[22] NWA World Historic Middleweight Champion
CMLL booking staff
Valiente Undisclosed[Note 1] CMLL World Trios Champion[17]
Vangelis Unverified  
Virus Ricardo Amezquita Carreño  
Volador Jr. Ramón Ibarra Rivera[23] CMLL World Trios Champion[17]
NWA World Historic Welterweight Champion[24]
Yago Undisclosed[Note 1]  

Female wrestlers[edit]

Princesa Blanca (in black) and Marcela (in blue).
Ring name Real name Notes
Amapola, LaLa Amapola Guadalupe Olvera  
Comandante, LaLa Comandante Norma Martinez  
Dalys la Caribeña Unverified CMLL World Women's Champion 
Estrellita Bibiana Barradas  
La Jarochita Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Lady Maravilla Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Lluvia Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Marcela María Santamaría Gómez
Metalica Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Princesa Sugehit Ernestina Sugehit Salazar Martínez
Sanely Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Seductora, LaLa Seductora Irene Lagunas[24]  
Silueta Joana Jiménez Hernández Signed to a joint contract with Reina Joshi Puroresu
Skadi Unverified  
Tiffany Xóchitl Sánchez  
Vaquerita, LaLa Vaquerita Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Zeuxis Undisclosed[Note 1] Mexican National Women's Champion and CMLL-Reina International Champion[25]


Mini-Estrella Pierrothito lifting Tzuki.
Mercurio (center)
Shockercito (center)
Ring name Real name Notes
Acero Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Aéreo Víctor Barragán Hernández  
Angelito Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Fantasy Undisclosed[Note 1]  
KeMonito Undisclosed[Note 1] Not an active competitor, only a Mascota/Manager
Mercurio Abraham Arrieta González  
Mije Undisclosed[Note 1] Not an active competitor, only a Mascota/Manager[15]
Pequeño Nitro Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Pequeño Olímpico Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Pequeño Universo 2000 Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Pequeño Violencia Unverified  
Pierrothito Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Shockercito Javier Cortes Sánchez CMLL World Mini-Estrella Champion
Stukita Undisclosed[Note 1]  
Último Dragoncito Undisclosed[Note 1]  


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