Consequences (Torchwood)

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Torchwood book
Release number 15
Writer James Moran
Joseph Lidster
Andrew Cartmel
Sarah Pinborough
David Llewellyn
Publisher BBC Books
ISBN 978-1-84607-784-5
Set between "Exit Wounds" and Children of Earth
Release date 1 October 2009
Preceded by The Undertaker's Gift

Consequences is an anthology set after the conclusion of the second series. It features the characters of Captain Jack, Gwen Cooper and Ianto Jones on the cover, but the stories within include several former Torchwood members.[1]


Featuring the Victorian Torchwood team Emily Holroyd, Alice Guppy, Captain Jack Harkness and Charles Gaskell When Jack is kidnapped whilst looking into information about HMS Hades, the team investigate his disappearance and uncover a sinister plot to defend Britain's Empire.

Featuring Gwen, Owen, Ianto and Toshiko, set after End of Days and before Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang The team use old Torchwood regulations to select a new leader (Toshiko), who begins to change after Gwen and Owen view her through an alien Kaleidoscope which is consequently stolen and ends up in the hands of an abused teenager. But the kaleidoscope has an unspoken side effect...

Featuring Gwen, Jack and Ianto


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