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The Conservative Co-operative Movement
The Conservative Co-operative Society Limited
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The Conservative Co-operative Movement was a political organisation promoting co-operatives and co-operative ideals within the British Conservative Party. The organisation advocated for "alternative models of capitalism", though it faced criticism within the wider co-operative movement which has traditionally been left leaning, with a history of affiliation with the Labour Party through the Co-operative Party.[1][2][3] The organisation appears to have become inactive.[4][5]


The Conservative Co-operative Movement was founded in 2007 by then Conservative activist Jesse Norman.[6] The organisation aimed to help people set up their own co-ops to tackle social problems and improve local areas.[7] Its immediate impact on Conservative Party policy embedded his vision through which communities could own and run some of their own public services.[8] Norman was elected to Parliament in the 2010 general election.[9]


According to its website, the Movement promoted "alternative models of capitalism".[1]

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