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Conservative Future Scotland
Chairman James Bundy
Secretary Stephen Caulfield
Treasurer Max Bannerman
Founded 2005
Ideology Conservatism
Mother party Conservative Party
Website Official website

Conservative Future Scotland (CFS) is the youth wing of the Scottish Conservative Party.[1]

The organisation formed in early 2005 by the merger of the Scottish Young Conservatives and the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Students (SCUS) group, a process which had happened with its sister organisation in the rest of the United Kingdom - Conservative Future - in 1998. Its membership comprises all of the Scottish Conservative Party's members under the age of 30[2] or who are currently in higher education. The organisation forms itself into three regions, each with its own executive. Within the regions University Conservative and Unionist Associations and area Conservative Future branches organise at the local level.

CFS is the independent sister organisation of Conservative Future, the central Conservative Party body that operates in the rest of the UK.

The Conservative Party itself, following the 2017 General Election, has 13 Westminster MPs with a seat in Scotland.

The 2016/17 Elections were held in December 2016 and saw James Bundy elected to the post of National Chair. Max Bannerman was elected to the post of National Treasurer and Stephen Caulfield was elected to the position of National Secretary.

National Executive 2016/17[edit]

National Officers[edit]

  • National Chairman - James Bundy
  • National Treasurer - Max Bannerman
  • National Secretary - Stephen Caulfield

Regional Chairpersons[edit]

  • North of Scotland Chair - Cllr Struan Mackie
  • West of Scotland Chair - Cllr Meghan Gallacher
  • East of Scotland Chair - Elliot Jordan

Non-Voting Members[edit]

  • Policy Forum Co-Director - Robert Weir

Former Chairmen/Presidents[edit]

2015/16 - Chairman: Ian Donnell
2014/15 - Chairman: Michael Kusznir
2013/14 - Chairman: Andrew Yule
2012/13 - Presidency Abolished Chairman: Declan Pang
2011/12 - President: Aric Gilinsky; Chairman: James Reekie
2010/11 - President: Duncan Stewart; Chairman: Anne Sutherland
2009/10 - President: David Ritchie; Chairman: Oliver Lash-Williams
2008/09 - President- Gabrielle Mancini; Chairman- Bess Rhodes
2007/08- President- Hannah Dolan; Chairman- Tobias Lehman

East of Scotland[edit]

East of Scotland Regional Officers[edit]

  • East of Scotland Chairman - Elliot Jordan



West of Scotland[edit]

West of Scotland Regional Officers[edit]

  • West of Scotland Chair - Meghan Gallacher



North of Scotland[edit]

North of Scotland Regional Officers[edit]

  • North of Scotland Chairman - Struan Mackie




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