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Conservative Way Forward (CWF) is a British campaigning group that operates within the Conservative Party. It is a Thatcherite group[1] in outlook and agenda, and Baroness Thatcher herself was the President.

CWF was founded in 1991[2] to "defend and build upon the achievements of the Conservative Party under Margaret Thatcher's leadership, and to adapt the principles of her era in government to modern concerns and challenges".

Their core stated aim is "to provide a forum for all those who share our philosophy, from Parliament to the constituencies and helping in the eventual restoration of people's freedom and rights". They organise speaker meetings, seminars and receptions, supported and attended by Government Ministers past and future.

Although still a predominantly Thatcherite grouping, CWF has in recent years, with the decline of the left-leaning Tory Reform Group, become an integral and mainstream part of the Conservative Party. In all leadership elections since 1997, the candidate supported by CWF has ultimately won.

Margaret Thatcher Library[edit]

On 14 April 2013, the group announced that it was setting up a Margaret Thatcher Library as a permanent memorial to the former Prime Minister. The project will be based on the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California, and has the support of several current and former Conservative cabinet members. It is expected to run training courses for young Conservatives and exchange student programmes to the US and elsewhere, as well as house artifacts from her premiership.[3]



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