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Consider is, in MUDs (particularly DikuMUDs and EverQuest), a player character capability, usually implemented as a command, for evaluating the likely outcome of engaging in combat with a potential enemy.[1][2][3] It is often abbreviated con.[2][3]

While the ability to estimate the difficulty of combat is valued by players, particularly newbies,[4] this capability has its downside in that implementations of it are often bug-ridden,[1] and the more complex a MUD's combat system and the capabilities of an individual opponent, the less likely it is that a consider will give an accurate result.[3] Some MUDs have implemented consider commands only to disable them because the results were sufficiently misleading as to be worse than having no such capability at all.

In text-based games, the results of a consider are most often expressed as a verbal result such as "Fairly easy", "You would need a lot of luck", or "You ARE mad".[3] In graphical games, a common convention is for results to be color-coded, typically with green or blue indicating a weaker target, white or yellow signifying a close match, red or orange meaning a stronger target, and purple or special-case graphics such as a skull indicating that one is completely outclassed.[5]


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