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Console Classix Inc.
Industry Rental
Founded 2000
Headquarters South Carolina
Key people
Aaron Ethridge, CEO & President
Products Video games for video game consoles

Console Classix is a United States online video game rental subscription service, whose niche is in providing console games for play on a home computer system.

Console Classix currently offers an unlimited play subscription for $5.99 a month or credit for donations of old game cartridges mailed to their headquarters. The paid subscription allows you to play premium consoles such as Super NES, Sega Genesis, and Game Boy whenever there is a copy available. Users who do not have a paid subscription can still play Nintendo Entertainment System, Atari 2600 and ColecoVision games for free provided no single user is playing the game.

Technology overview[edit]

Console Classix is a digital video game rental system. The current method of distribution relies on client-server technology and virtual machines to allow the user to play console games on the PC. The current Console Classix client includes a variety of virtual machines specifically designed to play the games available on the different platforms they offer. The client receives the virtual machine image and stores it temporarily in memory until the user either loses their internet connection or shuts down the game. Once the client stops communicating to the server that the game is in use the game is digitally checked back in to allow another user the opportunity to play. Console Classix has multiple copies of the games available so many users can play the same game.

The following consoles are currently supported:


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