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Console Passion Retro Games is a British based retailer of retro video games. The website contains a great deal of information about Retrogaming, including the history of consoles, advice on collecting & caring of collections, favourite game polls and competitions.

The site was initially created in 2000 by the owner Andy Brown to increase his own video games collection. Since then it has expanded, and according to the Alexa Internet Traffic Ranking system it has become one of the world's most popular retro websites. Alexa The company has assisted the BBC several times on research and have written a handful of articles for Video Games magazines.

The company specialises in cartridge based games and consoles from the late 1970s with the Atari 2600 up to recent consoles such as the Dreamcast and provides services and advice on repairing consoles and converting them to allow them to play imported games.

The owners have also been assisting in the launch of the new retro based magazine Retro Fusion and also sponsored the recent Retro Survival CD based magazine. They have been heavily involved in the retro scene for the last four years and have sponsored two of the biggest shows in the last three years - The Retro Ball and Retrovision.

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