Conspiracy of Hearts

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Conspiracy of Hearts
Conspiracy of Hearts British film poster.jpg
Original British cinema poster
Directed by Ralph Thomas
Produced by Betty E. Box
Written by Robert Presnell Jr.
Starring Lilli Palmer
Sylvia Syms
Yvonne Mitchell
Ronald Lewis
Music by Angelo Francesco Lavagnino
Cinematography Ernest Steward
Edited by Alfred Roome
Distributed by Rank Film Distributors (UK)
Paramount Pictures (USA)
Release dates
Running time
113 min
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Conspiracy of Hearts is a 1960 British Second World War film, directed by Ralph Thomas, about nuns in Italy smuggling Jewish children out of an internment camp near their convent to save them from the Holocaust. It stars Lilli Palmer, Sylvia Syms, Yvonne Mitchell and Ronald Lewis, and was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Film Promoting International Understanding at the 18th Golden Globe Awards in 1961.



Betty Box says Rank did not want them to make the movie but allowed her because of the success of the Doctor in the House series. "They said, 'It's religion, it's nuns, it's wartime, who wants to know? Tell you what, make us another Doctor and you can do it!"[1]

The film was a financial success being the 5th most popular film at the British box office in 1960.[1]


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