Constance of Castile

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Constance of Castile
Queen consort of France
Tenure1154 – 4 October 1160
Died4 October 1160 (aged 19–24)
(m. 1154)
HouseCastilian House of Ivrea
FatherAlfonso VII of León and Castile
MotherBerenguela of Barcelona

Constance of Castile (1136 or 1140 – 4 October 1160)[1] was Queen of France as the second wife of Louis VII, who married her following the annulment of his marriage to Eleanor of Aquitaine.[2] She was a daughter of Alfonso VII of León and Berengaria of Barcelona,[3] but her year of birth is not known.


The official reason for her husband's annulment from Eleanor of Aquitaine had been that he was too close a relative of Eleanor for the marriage to be legal by Church standards; however, he was even more closely related to Constance. They were second cousins through William I, Count of Burgundy.

Constance died giving birth to her second child. Desperate for a son, her husband remarried a mere five weeks after her death.

Constance was buried in the Basilica of Saint-Denis, Paris.


Constance had two children:

  1. Margaret, 1157–1197, who married first Henry the Young King of England,[4] and then Béla III of Hungary[5]
  2. Alys, 1160–1220, who married William IV of Ponthieu[6]


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Constance of Castile
Cadet branch of the House of Ivrea
Born: 1136–1140 Died: 4 October 1160
French royalty
Title last held by
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Queen consort of France
Title next held by
Adela of Champagne