Constance of Normandy

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Constance of Normandy
Constance of Normandy.jpg
Duchess consort of Brittany
Bornc. 1057/1061
Died13 August 1090
Église Saint-Melaine, Redon
SpouseAlan IV, Duke of Brittany
FatherWilliam I of England
MotherMatilda of Flanders
ReligionRoman Catholicism

Constance of Normandy (between 1057 and 1061 – 13 August 1090) was a member of the House of Normandy who was, by marriage, Duchess of Brittany.

Constance was one of the nine children of William the Conqueror and Matilda of Flanders.[1] She was born in Normandy, where her father was duke. William of Jumièges, the monk who chronicled the 1066 Norman conquest of England, names Constance second among the daughters of King William and Queen Matilda. No source indicates the order of birth of the couple's daughters, however.[2]

In 1086, Constance's father invaded the Duchy of Brittany. Its duke, Alan Fergant, was forced into submission, and a marriage was arranged between him and Constance, who was already nearly 30. Like her mother, Constance was an able administrator. William of Malmesbury, an early 12th century historian, wrote that her "severe and conservative manner" made Constance an unpopular duchess. According to his contemporary, Orderic Vitalis, however, Constance was caring, considerate, and well-liked by her subjects. William of Malmesbury alleges that her husband had their servants poison her. She died on 13 August 1090.[3]


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Preceded by
Bertha of Blois
Duchess consort of Brittany
Succeeded by
Ermengarde of Anjou