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Constancia Nery (born 1936, Ipigua, Sao Paulo, Brazil) is one of today’s leading Latin American Naïve Art painters. Nery is considered a revolutionary Naive Art painter in the Latin American landscape which yielded a number of widely known artist in this space and one of the youngest selling Naive Art painters today. Neri resides in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil.


  • 1984 Bronze Medal, International Center of Contemporary Art, Paris
  • 1985 Silver Medal, Winter Salon of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2002 Suisse Prize and Europe Prize of Primitive & Modern Painting, Gallery Pro Arte Kasper Morges, Switzerland

Public collections[edit]


  • "L’Arbre et les Naifs", Max Fourny, 1990, Paris“Naïve Art in Brazil”, Jacques Ardies, 1998, São Paulo
  • “Brasil-Visao Artistica”, Brazil, 2001
  • “Arte e Raizes”, Brinquedos e Brincadeiras, 2001, São Paulo

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