Constantin Ticu Dumitrescu

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Constantin Ticu Dumitrescu
Romanian Senator
In office
1992 - 1996
1996 – 2000
Member of the College of the National Council for the Study of the Securitate Archives
In office
Personal details
Born 27 May 1928
Olari, Prahova
Died 5 December 2008
Nationality Romanian
Political party PNŢ-CD

Constantin-Grigore Dumitrescu, also known as Constantin Ticu Dumitrescu or Ticu Dumitrescu (27 May 1928 - 5 December 2008), Olari, Prahova, was a Romanian politician and president of the Association of Romanian Former Political Prisoners.

He was a political prisoner during the communist regime in Romania, and a Romanian Senator from 1992 to 2000.