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statue of Constantine I in York.
Gender Male
Word/name Latin
Other names
Related names Constantinus

Constantine (/ˈkɒnstəntn/ or /ˈkɒnstəntn/; Latin: Cōnstantīnus, Greek: Κωνσταντῖνος, Kōnstantînos) is a masculine given name and surname which is derived from the Latin name Constantinus,[1] a hypocoristic of the first names Constans and Constantius, both meaning "constant, steadfast" in Latin.[2] The names are the Latin equivalents of the Bulgarian name 'Стоян' and the Greek name Eustáthios (Εὐστάθιος), meaning the same, not changing, standing. The name "Constantine" is still very common in Greece and Cyprus, the forms Κώστας (Kostas), Κωστής (Kostis) and Ντίνος (Dinos) being popular hypocoristics. The popularity stems from the eleven Roman and Byzantine emperors (beginning with St. Constantine I), couple of Bulgarian Emperors and two Greek kings of the same regal name.

Costel is a common Romanian form, a diminutive of Constantin. The Bulgarian, Russian and Serbian form is Konstantin (Константин),and their short forms Kostya and Kosta, respectively. The Ukrainian form of the name is Kostyantin (Костянтин). The name is common among Orthodox people in Albania, in the form of Kostandin or Kosta.

Constantine as a surname[edit]

Constantine as a given name[edit]

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