Konstantine Bagration of Mukhrani (1889–1915)

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Wedding of Prince Constantine and Princess Tatiana

Prince Constantine Bagration of Mukhrani (Georgian: კონსტანტინე ბაგრატიონ-მუხრანელი) (1889 – 1915) was a Georgian nobleman from the House of Mukhrani. Constantine was a recipient of the Order of St. George and served in the Russian Imperial Guard.

Constantine was the son of Alexander Bagration of Mukhrani (1856–1935) and Nino Tarkhan-Mouravi (1869–1934). He was born in Tbilisi, Georgia, at that time a part of the Russian Empire.

In winter of 1910, Prince Constantine met his future wife Princess Tatiana Constantinovna of Russia from the Russian imperial House of Romanov. The parents of Princess Tatiana were against their marriage. Tatiana's father demanded Constantine to leave Saint Petersburg immediately and her mother was categorically against their marriage as she claimed it was an unequal marriage between the two. Despite the controversy the two still married in 1911.

Constantine and Tatiana had two children: