Constellation Records (Solar)

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Constellation Records
Parent company Unidisc Music
Founded 1981
Founder Dick Griffey
Status inactive/defunct
Distributor(s) Elektra Records (1981 - 1984)
MCA Records (1984 - 1987)
Genre Soul
Country of origin United States
Location Los Angeles, California

Constellation Records was an American label of SOLAR Records.


In 1981, Constellation was founded by Dick Griffey as an attempt to introduce more contemporary acts to Griffey's more traditionally "urban" establishment and was already being distributed through Elektra/Asylum Records.

In 1984, Dick Griffey moved the Constellation label over to MCA Records for distribution, deciding now to abandon contemporary music and continue the SOLAR tradition, which, in turn, was a move that finally brought recognition to the label. Among the acts who shifted to the label were Veteran Soul Train/SOLAR first lady Carrie Lucas (who eventually married Griffey) and Klymaxx.

In 1987, Constellation was folded into MCA, when the artists, including Klymaxx, were transferred to MCA. Universal Music Group owned all of its post-1984 back catalog. On the other hand, EMI (which acquired SOLAR's back catalog after its closure in 1995) owned all of its pre-1984 back catalog. In 2009, Unidisc Music purchased its back catalog.


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