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Constellation Theatre Company
The logo of the Constellation Theatre Company of Washington, D.C.jpg
Constellation Theatre Company Logo
Formation 2007
Type Theatre group
Purpose Epic, ensemble theatre from around the world
  • Washington, D.C.
Artistic director(s)
Allison Arkell Stockman (Founding Artistic Director)

The Constellation Theatre Company is a non-profit theater company located in Washington, D.C. It performs at the Source Theatre in Washington D.C. Its declared mission is "to spark the curiosity and imagination of the people of Greater Washington, DC by bringing stories to life from all over the world. We open our creative process to the community and encourage a dynamic exchange of ideas. We cultivate interdisciplinary collaboration that unites the acting ensemble, the written word, visual spectacle, original music and movement to form an intimate and vibrant entertainment experience."[1] Since its formation its productions have received several Helen Hayes Awards to include The John Aniello Award for Outstanding Emerging Theatre Company - 2009



The Source Theater, Washington DC during the run of Constellation Theatre Company's production of Zorro

The Constellation Theatre Company uses the facilities of Cultural D.C.'s Source Theatre at 1835 14th St NW. It features a 120-seat black box performance space The upper floor has a rehearsal room, conference room, and office space[2]

Theatrical Focus[edit]

Artistic Director and Associate Artists[edit]

Constellation Theatre Company's founding artistic director is Allison Arkell Stockman. A 1996 graduate of Princeton University and a 2001 graduate of Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, Allison was a freelance director in Washington, DC and New York City. In 2006 she quit her job as a teacher, took short-term jobs for a year, and then started the theater company in 2007.[3]

Stockman has built a permanent company of "Constellation Associate Artists" including a number of actors who appear regularly with Constellation, and also the composer and performer Tom Teasley, who has provided original music for many of the company's productions, much of which has been recorded and issued on CD.

Theatrical Collaboration[edit]

Constellation Theatre Company has, in addition, regularly brought in performers outside the normal theatre community and fostered intercompany collaboration within the community. According to another theatre company's artistic director Constellation Theatre's philosophy "supports the idea that theater isn’t competitive and that we should all be supporting each other absolutely. When we learn from each other and support each other, that sends a message and gives us all more theater all the time."[4]

Notable Past Productions[edit]

  • The Arabian Nights - This production received critical acclaim and brought the company to the notice of the Washington Theater going audiences.
  • The Oresteia
  • The Ramayana - This production was so well received that it was remounted.
  • Metamorphoses - The pool required by this production made it extremely challenging technically.
  • Zorro - The company's first world premier production.

Current Productions[edit]

2015-2016 Season - Playtime for Grownups[5]

Production History[edit]

2014-2015 Season
2013-2014 Season
2012-2013 Season
* world premier
2011-2012 Season
2010-2011 Season
2009-2010 Season
2008-2009 Season
  • Temptation
  • The Marriage of Figaro
  • Crazyface
2007-2008 Season

Significant Events[edit]

In September 2013, the American Theatre Wing, (the Founder of the Tony Awards) awarded a National Theatre Company Grant to Constellation Theatre. The grant is for general operating support to companies that "have articulated a distinctive mission, cultivated an audience, and nurtured a community of artists in ways that strengthen and demonstrate the quality, diversity, and dynamism of American theatre".[9]

The specific award citation read

Constellation Theatre Company's mission is to spark the curiosity and imagination of their audiences by bringing stories to life from all over the world. By opening their creative process to the community, the company cultivates interdisciplinary collaboration that unites the acting ensemble, the written word, visual spectacle, original music and movement to form an intimate and vibrant entertainment experience. [10]


The Constellation Theatre Company and its productions have been awarded the following Helen Hayes Awards.[11]

  • 2009 - The John Aniello Award for Outstanding Emerging Theatre Company
  • 2010 - Outstanding Sound Design, Resident Production, Tom Teasley, Crazyface
  • 2011 - Outstanding Sound Design, Resident Production, Tom Teasley, The Ramayana
  • 2012 - Outstanding Costume Design, Resident Production, Kendra Rai, Green Bird
  • 2013 - The James MacArthur Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor Resident Play , Matthew McGee, Taking Steps[12]

In addition the following performer was nominated for Helen Hayes Awards

  • 2012 - Outstanding Sound Design, Resident Production, Tom Teasley, Green Bird
  • 2013 - Outstanding Set Design, Resident Production, AJ Guban, 36 Views
  • 2013 - Outstanding Lighting Design, Resident Production, AJ Guban, 36 Views

The Constellation Theatre Company was nominated for the following Audience Choice Awards

  • 2008 Crazyface (Favorite Ensemble)[13]
  • 2009 Three Sisters (Favorite Plays, Favorite Actress in a Play)[14]
  • 2013 Taking Steps (Best Play, Best Actor in a Play), Zorro (Best Ensemble Cast, Best Actor in a Play) [15]

Costume Designer Kendra Rai was awarded a 2014 Princess Grace Foundation honorarium to be used for the company's 2014-2015 season costumes[16]

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