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The Constitution Society is a nonprofit educational[1] organization headquartered at 11447 Woollcott St, San Antonio, Texas, U.S., founded in 1994 by Jon Roland, an author, self-employed computer and management consultant.[2][3] The society publishes online a large selection of major works on constitutional history, law, and government.

Web site[edit]

The society’s web site features digital library resources including the online Liberty Library of Constitutional Classics – complete, annotated, and cross-linked copies of the most of the major works written or read by the American Founders, or by persons whose writings can enable one to understand their writings.[4][5][6][7] As of April 2011, it had an Alexa Traffic Rank of 78,617, with 2943 links in.[8] It also has documents from other countries.[9]


The Constitution Society sponsors the writing and publication of news and law review and history articles, including:

  • "Public Safety or Bills of Attainder?", by Jon Roland.[10]
  • "Hurst's Law of Treason", by Jon Roland.[11]
  • "Mansfieldism Reconsidered", by Jon Roland.[12]

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