Constitutional Court of Colombia

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Constitutional Court of Colombia
Palace of Justice
Established 1991
Country Colombia
Location Bogotá
Coordinates 04°35′56.4″N 74°04′31.8″W / 4.599000°N 74.075500°W / 4.599000; -74.075500
Composition method Nominated by the President, the Council of State, or the Supreme Court, elected by the Senate.
Authorized by Constitution of Colombia
Judge term length non-renewable 8 years
Number of positions 9, by statute
President of the Constitutional Court
Currently María Victoria Calle Correa
Since 10 February 2015
Vice President of the Constitutional Court
Currently Luis Guillermo Guerrero Pérez
Since 10 February 2015

The Constitutional Court of Colombia (Spanish: Corte Constitucional de Colombia) is the supreme constitutional court of Colombia. Part of the Judiciary, it is the final appellate court for matters involving interpretation of the Constitution with the power to determine the constitutionality of laws, acts, and statutes.

The court was first established by the Constitution of 1991, and its first session began in March 1992. The court is housed within the shared judicial complex of the Palace of Justice located on the north side of Bolívar Square in the La Candelaria neighbourhood of Bogotá.

The Constitutional Court consists of nine magistrates who are elected by the Senate of Colombia from ternary lists drawn up by the President, the Supreme Court of Justice, and the Council of State. The magistrates serve for a term of eight years. The court is headed by a President and Vice President.


Current magistrates[edit]

  • María Victoria Calle Correa (President)
  • Luis Guillermo Guerrero Pérez (Vice President)
  • Alejandro Linares Cantillo
  • Gabriel Eduardo Mendoza Martelo
  • Gloria Stella Ortíz Delgado
  • Jorge Iván Palacio Palacio
  • Aquiles Ignacio Arrieta Gómez (interim)
  • Alberto Rojas Ríos
  • Luis Ernesto Vargas Silva

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