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Põhiseaduse Pilsner

The Constitutional Pilsener (Estonian: Põhiseaduse Pilsner) was a beer brand brewed by A. Le Coq in celebration of the fifteenth anniversary of Estonia's 1992 constitution and introduced in cooperation with the Estonian Ministry of Justice.

The beer was a bottom-fermented pale lager with an alcohol content of 4.2% by volume.

The competing Saku Õlletehas has denounced this approach, claiming that a pilsener is too cheap a brand of beer to be associated with the Constitution.[1]

The leader of the Estonian Beer Association (Estonian: Eesti Õlleliit), Cardo Remmel, has expressed disagreement with Saku Õlletehas' position and approved the idea of promoting awareness of the Constitution using a beer brand.[2]

In its editorial, Eesti Päevaleht pointed out the hypocrisy of Saku Õlletehas' position, as the latter has been producing a Presidential Pilsener for several years.[3]