Constitutionalist Party of Iran

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Constitutionalist Party of Iran
حزب مشروطه ايران - لیبرال دموکرات
President Foad Pashaie
Founder Dariush Homayoon
Founded 1908 (1908) (historical)
1994 (1994) (modern)
Headquarters Los Angeles, United States (exiled)
Ideology Liberalism (Iran)[1]
Political position Centre-right
International affiliation None
Colours      Blue
Party flag
Fath Ali Shah Flag.svg

The Constitutionalist Party of Iran (Persian: حزب مشروطه ايران - لیبرال دموکرات‎‎, "Hezb Mashrooteh") is a political party in Iran, currently exiled after the Iranian Revolution (1979). Originally founded in 1908, it was re-established in 1994 in Los Angeles.


The party was founded as Iranian Constitutional Movement in 1908, after the Persian Constitutional Revolution. The party dominated the political scene until 1925, when the Revival Party was founded. Initially reformist and liberal , after the 1920s, the party became more conservative and pro-Shah, especially under Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

The party supported the White Revolution (several important reforms) launched in 1963 by Shah. Despite this, it's rejected the Shah's autocracy and the SAVAK's activities against the political opposition . After the Iranian Revolution of 1979, like the other parties, the party was banned and it's directors fled to the United States and established a headquarters in Los Angeles.

Currently, the party claims to be liberal democratic and secular, and supports the return of the monarchy under Reza Pahlavi. However, it also supports the idea of a democratic referendum between monarchy or republic.


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