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Espirito Santo Plaza, the location of the French consulate in Miami

The Consulate General of France in Miami is the French diplomatic outpost in Florida. Under the leadership of the Consul General, Clement Leclerc, it represents the interests of France and French People in the state, as well as providing a point of contact for French citizens and expatriates.[1]

It is located in on Brickell Avenue in the Miami Financial District.[2]


The consulate is responsible for the provision of certain services to French citizens living in or travelling through Florida. In addition to these, it maintains strong links with French citizens establishing themselves in business in Florida.[3]


The primary role of the chancellery is to provide French travel documents and IDs to local French citizens and issue visas to Americans and other foreign travelers wishing to travel to France. However, it also ensures that French expatriates receive fair treatment if arrested.[4]

The Cultural Services[edit]

This service is responsible for promoting and sharing French culture in Florida. It is coordinated from the embassy in Washington, D.C. and hosts a cultural attaché and her staff. It also provides assistance to French citizens studying in Florida through grants and other funding, though visas are handled by the Chancellery.[5][6]

The Public Affairs Department[edit]

The Service handles media and public enquiries to the consulate and is responsible for the maintenance of the consulate's website and all its publications as well as reporting to the embassy and to the French government on how news concerning France is reported in its area.[7][8]

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