Consulate General of the United States, Jerusalem

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Consulate General of the United States, Jerusalem
Location Jerusalem, Israel
Address 18 Agron Road
Coordinates 31°44′52″N 35°13′29″E / 31.747816°N 35.224632°E / 31.747816; 35.224632Coordinates: 31°44′52″N 35°13′29″E / 31.747816°N 35.224632°E / 31.747816; 35.224632
Consul General Donald Blome[1]
(July 27, 2015–present)

The Consulate General of the United States, Jerusalem, is a United States diplomatic mission in Jerusalem. The consulate is an independent mission that serves Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip.[2] It is one of the two Consulates General (the other being Hong Kong) that function similarly to an embassy (i.e., reporting directly to the United States Department of State and not the ambassador of any country).[3]

On May 14, 2018, the United States Embassy established a presence in the purpose built Consular Section in Jerusalem′s southern neighborhood of Arnona with office space for the Ambassador and a small staff. Most Embassy functions continue in the former Embassy building in Tel Aviv now called a Branch Office. The consulate general continues operating from its historic Agron Road location.[4][5]


The U.S. consulate first opened in 1844 in the Old City, inside Jaffa Gate, in what is now the Swedish Christian Study Center. In the late 19th century, the consulate moved to a site on the Street of the Prophets. In 1912, it moved to Gershon Agron Street, in present-day West Jerusalem. The main building, one of the first houses built outside the Old City walls, was constructed in 1868 by Ferdinand Vester, a German Lutheran missionary. A third story was added later. On May 23, 1948, the Consul General, Thomas C. Wasson, was assassinated. In 1952, the consulate leased another building on Nablus Road, East Jerusalem.[6]

On May 14, 2018, the embassy of the United States in Jerusalem opened on the Arnona site of the Jerusalem consulate general consular section, and is now the seat of relations between the United States of America to the State of Israel, in place of the Tel Aviv embassy which is now a Branch Office of the Embassy presence in Jerusalem. .[4] Out of the 1,000 employees at the Tel Aviv embassy, about 50 transferred to operate the new embassy.[7] The Consulate General will continue to operate as an independent mission from its historic Agron Road site.[5] The opening of the new Embassy coincide with the bloodiest day of the 2018 Gaza border protests, seeing the death of more than 40 Palestinians demonstrators.[8] The opening also coincides with the 70th Anniversary of Israel as a Nation in this modern era.


The US Consulate General is located on 18 Gershon Agron Street resins its consular section on 14 David Flusser Street, Arnona in West Jerusalem.[9] Until 2010, citizen and visa services operated out of the building at 27 Nablus Road in East Jerusalem.[6] In October 2010, consular services were moved to a new building complex (just east of the Arnona neighborhood of West Jerusalem) bisected by the Green Line and thus partly in what was defined in 1949 as No Man's Land[10]

Embassy of the United States[edit]

On May 14, 2018, the US government designated a small part of that facility as the new seat of the Embassy with office facilities and a small staff for the Ambassador who will use it part time. The bulk of Embassy staff and activity will continue to be conducted out of the Embassy Branch, the official designation, in Tel Aviv. The US Consulate General Consular Section moved into the Talpiot building in 2010.[4]

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