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Consultant Plus
Developer(s)Consultant Plus
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows
TypeLaw assistance system

Consultant Plus (Russian: Консультант Плюс) is an assistance system to work with the legislation of Russia. Consultant's centralized database is updated daily. It is distributed via a network of partners.

Its major competitors are Garant and Codex and Techexpert, both proprietary.

The full federal law database includes over 3 million documents; regional acts are distributed in a separate database with over 4 million documents.

The information contained in the system is structured into several notions, including:

  1. legislation
  2. jurisprudence
  3. financial advices
  4. legislation commentaries
  5. document forms (templates)
  6. legislation drafts
  7. international legal acts
  8. health protection legal acts
  9. technical standards and rules

Every class mentioned above consists of several information banks to simplify the search throughout the database by manually excluding the classes and banks inappropriate for each current search.

The database includes:

  • normative legal acts of Russia and its federal subjects, as well as international
  • commentaries and explanations for them, precedents from the common practice
  • articles and books from periodicals and text collections
  • forms of account correspondence
  • forms of the documents (officially standardized and approximate)
  • other helpful information (accountant calendar, exchange rates, bank rate, etc.)
  • analytical reports

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