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Industry Consumer protection
Industry self regulation
Headquarters Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Key people
Zac Carman (CEO)[1]
Website ConsumerAffairs

ConsumerAffairs is a consumer advocacy organization based in the American city of Lake Tahoe, Nevada.[2][3] The organization, which was founded in 1998 and currently headed by Zac Carman,[1] "watches for trends among complaints [and] offers scam alerts".[4] The website has earned accolades from the Consumer Federation of America.[5] ConsumerAffairs has evaluations on a diverse array of companies and products, such as JC Penney,[6] DirectTV,[7] Sprint,[8] the iPhone,[9] the American Taxpayer Relief Act,[10] as well as national and local banks.[11] In addition, ConsumerAffairs regularly provides tips to activities such as online shopping,[12] as well as evaluates law enforcement strategies, such as the placement of red light cameras.[13] As of April 2012, "Consumer Affairs is a top 2,000 web site in the U.S. Their web site gets 2.5 million visitors each month and they broadcast on 150 radio stations."[14] ConsumerAffairs helps more than 2 million consumers each month research purchases and solve problems by connecting them with businesses and other consumers.[15]

'NOTE: ConsumerAffairs is not a government agency and charges a fee to companies to become accredited. Accredited companies receive tools to better manage their reputation.

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