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The Consumer Action Group (CAG) is a UK forum for the discussion of customer rights, particularly concerning the recovery of bank charges.

It was founded by Dave Smith and Marc Gander as the Bank Action Group after meeting through Yahoo forum called Bank Charges Hell.[1] The name was later changed to The Consumer Action Group.

In addition to the forums, there is wiki with over 400 articles which aim to act as a bridge between the legalese used by professions and layman's terms used by the majority. Members can calculate interest on any court claims by using their on-line calculator or can download and utilise a variety of spreadsheets. Many of the standard letters that are available on the site can be created automatically, simply by a member completing a small form with basic information. A 'buddy system' exists in which a member can enter their postcode and a list of results will show like-minded people within a certain radius who are prepared to go to court with that member in the event of a court case, for moral support.

The Consumer Action Group is funded primarily by donations from members.[2] Other funding comes from the sale of legal books offered at a discount to members.


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