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Consumer Alert
Formation 1977
Extinction 2006?
Type 501(C)(3) Corporation
Region served
United States
William C. MacLeod

Consumer Alert was an American non-profit organization which advocated on business and consumer issues. It was primarily funded by corporations.[1] It was founded in 1977[2] by Barbara A. Keating-Edh and John Henry Sununu, who would later go on to become Governor of New Hampshire (1983–89) and White House Chief of Staff during the George H. W. Bush administration.

The philosophy of Consumer Alert advocated free-market solutions to consumer dissatisfaction and promoted the belief that markets are best regulated by informed consumers. In the organization's opinion effective consumer advocacy must steadfastly oppose any actions by government or industry that limits competition within markets.[3]

Consumer Alert considered itself a conservative opponent to the liberal political bent of mainstream consumer advocacy. Speaking of the legislation advocated by other consumer organizations Consumer Alert President Barbara A. Keating-Edh said:[4]

The organization sued anti-nuclear-power activists in attempts to make protesters pay for the police presence at demonstrations.[5]

Consumer Alert was originally based in Darien, Connecticut.[6] During much of its existence its offices were located in Washington, DC.

The organization published a bimonthly newsletter titled Consumer Comments with ISSN 0740-4964. Articles from some issues are available online[7] at

In 1989 Sununu was succeeded as Chairman by attorney William C. MacLeod who would later become director of the Federal Trade Commission's Bureau of Consumer Protection.[8]

As of July 2010 the web-based organization registry of the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) of Washington, DC, for the registration of Consumer Alert, Inc., file number 770925, shows status "revoked". The DCRA site[9] defines "revoked" as: "An involuntary termination of charter or authority."

Consumer Alert has partially funded the Cooler Heads Coalition's website,[10]

Financial Information[edit]

United States IRS forms 990 for Consumer Alert Inc.
Organization Name State Year Total Assets Form Pages EIN
Consumer Alert Inc. - 2002 DC 2002 $36,189 990 20 06-0961299
Consumer Alert Inc. - 2003 DC 2003 $37,190 990 19 06-0961299
Consumer Alert Inc. - 2004 DC 2004 $34,047 990 16 06-0961299


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