Consuming Fire

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Consuming Fire
Darrell evans consuming fire.jpg
Live album by Darrell Evans and Friends
Released 2004
Genre Worship music
Label Spirit-Led Records
Producer Darrell Evans
Darrell Evans and Rick Shadle (executive producers)
Darrell Evans and Friends chronology
Trading My Sorrows
Consuming Fire
Uncharted Waters

Consuming Fire is a live Christian worship music album by Darrell Evans and friends released in April 2004. It was recorded at World Revival Church in Kansas City, MO and Trinity Church in Amarillo, TX.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Worship Intro"
  2. "Consuming Fire" - (Darrell Evans)
  3. "Jesus I Come to Follow" - (Evans)
  4. "Anywhere with You" - (Evans)
  5. "Precious Jesus" (with Kate Miner) - (Evans)
  6. "Exalted" (with Charlie Hall) - (Evans)
  7. "Blessed Be the Lord" - (Evans)
  8. "My Everything" - (Evans and Andre Gonzalez)
  9. "Fields of Grace" (with Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave) - (Evans)
  10. "My Reward" (with Paul Baloche) - (Paul Baloche)
  11. "The One and Only" - (Evans)
  12. "Just As I Am" - (Evans)
  13. "Harp in My Heart" (with Kevin Prosch) - (Kevin Prosch)
  14. "Dream Before You" (with Kate Miner) - (Music: Kate Miner; Words: Judie Lawson)
  15. "Let the River Flow 2" - (Evans)


Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar: Darrell Evans
Drums: Rudy Royston and Trent Austin
Bass: Brian Hendrix and Gary Lunn
Electric Guitar: Jeff Coleman and Brandon Culvey
Keyboards: Rob Gungor
Organ: Chad Copelin