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Contact Press Images is an international photojournalism agency founded in 1976 in New York City by French-British journalist and editor Robert Pledge and American photojournalist David Burnett, and focused on independent production on photo journalism. Annie Leibovitz joined Contact Press in 1977.

In addition to producing monographs and exhibitions, some of Contact's photographers have been awarded prizes in photojournalism, including honors from the World Press Photo, National Press Photographers Association, and Overseas Press Club organizations.

Books by Contact Press Images[edit]

  • "Kalachnikov: L'AK47 à la conquete du monde", by Contact Press Images, Stanislas De Haldat, Based on Photos by Contact Photojournalist J.B. Diederich, The first Westerner to visit Kalachnikov at home in Illevsk, Editions La Sirene (1993).
  • "Le cercle des intimes: François Mitterrand par ses proches", by Caroline Lang, Robert Pledge, Michel Baverey, Editions La Sirene (1995), ISBN 2-84045-133-6
  • "Eleven: Witnessing the World Trade Center, 1974 - 2001", by Contact Press Images, Robert Pledge (editor), Universe Publishing (September 2002), ISBN 0-7893-0830-4
  • "Pope John Paul II: His Remarkable Journey", by Contact Press Images, Robert Pledge (editor), de.MO ( July 2005), ISBN 0-9742836-3-0

Selected monographs by Contact Press Images Photographers[edit]


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