Contact from the Underworld of Redboy

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Contact from the Underworld of Redboy
Contact From The Underworld Of Redboy Robbie Robertson.jpg
Studio album by Robbie Robertson
Released March 10, 1998
Genre Electronica
Length 60:01
Label Capitol/EMI Records
7243 8 54243 2 8
Producer Howie B.
Robbie Robertson
DJ Premier
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Contact from the Underworld of Redboy
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Source Rating
Rolling Stone 4/5 stars link

Contact from the Underworld of Redboy is an album by Robbie Robertson that was released in 1998 by Capitol Records. The album is composed of music inspired by Aboriginal Canadian music (including traditional Aboriginal Canadian songs and chants) as well as modern rock, trip hop, and electronica, often integrated together, and features many guest artists.

Track listing[edit]

  1. H. Bernstein and Robertson, "The Sound is Fading" (5:00) Traditional: Leah Hicks-Manning
  2. "The Code of Handsome Lake" (6:11)
  3. "Making a Noise" (5:11)
  4. Tim Gordine and Robertson, "Unbound" (4:35)
  5. Leonard Peltier, Marius de Vries and Robertson, "Sacrifice" (6:18)
  6. Marius de Vries and Robertson, "Rattlebone" (4:26)
  7. Verdell Primeaux and Johnny Mike, "Peyote Healing" (6:10)
  8. Tim Gordine and Robertson, "In The Blood" (4:35)
  9. Jim Wilson and Robertson, "Stomp Dance (Unity)" (4:49) Traditional: The Six Nations Women Singers
  10. Howard Bernstein and Robertson, "The Lights" (5:54)
  11. Howard Bernstein and Robertson, Bonus Track—"Take Your Partner by the Hand (Red Alert Mix)" (6:43) (Remix by DJ Premier)