Contagious (novel)

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Contagious Cover.jpg
Author Scott Sigler
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Crown Publishing
Media type Print (Hardback and e-book),
Pages 448
ISBN 978-0307406316
Preceded by Infected
Followed by Pandemic

Contagious is a science fiction thriller novel by Scott Sigler.[1] It is the sequel to Sigler's Infected, and like its predecessor was released in both podcast and print versions.[2]

Plot Summary[edit]

Contagious continues the story of 2008's Infected, predominantly following characters Perry Dawsey and Margaret Montoya as they attempt to stop an alien infestation of 'hatchlings'. Dawsey, former Michigan linebacker, has survived the events in Infected, but remains telepathically linked to the aliens. His insight into the aliens' behaviors help the government hunt them down, and Dawsey is forced to participate.


  • Perry Dawsey
  • Margaret Montoya
  • Dew Phillips
  • John Gutierrez
  • Charlie Ogden
  • Murray Longworth
  • Amos Braun
  • Donald Jewell


Critical reception for Contagious was mostly positive, with author J. C. Hutchins writing that the book "stayed on target, accelerated, and exceeded my expectations".[3] also praised the book, stating that it was "gripping, horrifying, and manages to tie several separate plot threads together effortlessly" while criticizing the portrayal of some of the characters.[4] Bookreporter and Monsters and Critics both positively reviewed the book,[5] with Bookreporter calling it a "don't miss." [6]


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