Contemporary Works I

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Contemporary Works I
Box set by
GenreElectronic music, Space music
LabelRainhorse Records
ProducerKlaus Schulze

Contemporary Works I is a limited-edition 10-disc CD box set released by Klaus Schulze in 2000 containing new studio material. The CDs are in cardboard sleeves and housed in a wooden box. Two years later Schulze released Contemporary Works II. Six of the discs have been reissued in 2005–2007 as part of the overall reissue program of Schulze back catalog by Revisited Records.[1] Three more have been reissued in 2016–2018 by the label MiG.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks composed by Klaus Schulze.

Disc 1: Vanity of Sounds (reissued in 2005)

1."Vanity of Sounds"on original release17:08
2."Sacred Romance"on original release23:13
3."The Wings of Strings"on original release14:47
4."From Words to Silence"on original release23:40

Disc 2: The Crime of Suspense (reissued in 2006)

1."Good Old 4 on the Floor"on original release24:00
2."J.E.M."on original release17:25
3."Overchill"on original release29:24
4."Ruins"reissue bonus track (from CD 10 of Contemporary Works I)4:34
5."Castles"reissue bonus track (from CD 10 of Contemporary Works I)4:15

Disc 3: Wahnfried: Trance 4 Motion (reissued in 2018)

1."Local Scanning"on original release45:57
2."Aphrodesire"on original release17:40
3."Global Midication (SMS-Remix)"on original release15:31

Disc 4: U.S.O.: Privée (reissued in 2016)

1."The Keyhole"on original release4:02
2."Privat"on original release19:05
3."Privee"on original release15:43
4."Private"on original release25:01
5."Privatissimo"reissue bonus track (from CD 10 of Contemporary Works I)4:03

Disc 5: Klaus Schulze vs. Solar Moon: Docking (reissued in 2017) {Disc 1}

1."Let The Rain Come"on original release22:42
2."You Get What..."on original release22:17
3."Strong"on original release14:52
4."Sugar Mode"on original release16:44

Disc 5: Klaus Schulze vs. Solar Moon: Docking (reissued in 2017) {Disc 2}

1."Strong (Dub Version)"reissue bonus track24:36
2."What You Deserve (Poly Dub)"reissue bonus track28:55
3."What You Deserve (Instrumental)"reissue bonus track22:34

Disc 6: Ballett 1 (reissued in 2006)

1."Getting Near"on original release10:43
2."Slightly Touched"on original release29:32
3."Agony"on original release35:30

Disc 7: Ballett 2 (reissued in 2006)

1."Atmosphère Concrète"on original release7:35
2."Kagi's Lament"on original release30:12
3."Wolf's Ponticelli"on original release24:18
4."The Smile of Shadows"on original release12:06
5."Trance 4 Motion"reissue bonus track (from CD 10 of Contemporary Works I)5:42

Disc 8: Ballett 3 (reissued in 2007)

1."My Ty She"on original release75:40
2."Schauer der Vorwelt"reissue bonus track3:30

Disc 9: Ballett 4 (reissued in 2007)

1."Mellowtrone"on original release13:53
2."Soft'n'Groovy"on original release30:00
3."To B Flat"on original release23:52
4."Eleven 2 Eleven"reissue bonus track (from CD 10 of Contemporary Works I)10:14

Disc 10: Adds & Edits

1."Global Medication" 3:48
2."Windy Times"reissue bonus track on Timewind4:50
3."Short Romance"reissue bonus track on Live @ KlangArt 15:40
4."Outer Canal Street" 3:44
5."Privatissimo"reissue bonus track on Privée4:03
6."Deserve" 4:59
7."Trance 4 Motion"reissue bonus track on Ballett 25:46
8."Strongly" 3:49
9."A Tiny Violin"reissue bonus track on Androgyn4:14
10."Solar Moon" 4:11
11."Castles"reissue bonus track on The Crime of Suspense4:11
12."Short Rain" 3:43
13."Ruins"reissue bonus track on The Crime of Suspense4:29
14."Vox'n'Harmony"reissue bonus track on Another Green Mile as Voice'n'Harmony5:23
15."Eleven 2 Eleven"reissue bonus track on Ballett 410:05
16."The Breeze" 5:31

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