Contemporary Works II

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Contemporary Works II
Box set by
GenreElectronic music, Space music
LabelRainhorse Records
ProducerKlaus Schulze

Contemporary Works II is a limited edition 5-disc CD box set released by Klaus Schulze in 2002 containing new studio material. This set was released two years after Contemporary Works I. One of the discs has been reissued in 2008 as part of the overall reissue program of Schulze back catalog by Revisited Records, another two were released by MIG Music in 2016 and 2017, and another one in 2018. The first 333 copies of this set contained a bonus sixth disc.[1]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks composed by Klaus Schulze.

Disc 1: Virtual Outback (reissued in 2008)

1."The Theme: The Rhodes Elegy"on original release65:00
2."Chinese Ears"reissue bonus track (from limited bonus sixth disc)14:55

Disc 2: Timbres of Ice

1."The Lonely Dead of Midnight"10:51
2."They Shut Him Out of Paradise"41:41
3."Die Prophezeiung Erfüllt Sich"23:15

Disc 3: Another Green Mile (reissued in 2016)

1."Between Twilight and Dawn"on original release13:20
2."In the Streets, in the Rain"on original release4:33
3."The Wisdom of the Leaves"on original release12:27
4."The Story Does Unfold"on original release12:05
5."Follow Me Down, Follow Me Down"on original release28:46
6."Voice'n'Harmony"reissue bonus track (from Contemporary Works I, CD 10)5:23

Disc 4: Androgyn (reissued in 2017)

1."In the Dimness of Light"on original release12:47
2."Back to the Future"on original release28:02
3."There's No Mystery"on original release4:37
4."Don't Ask the Question Why"on original release5:08
5."The Passion Burns"on original release4:22
6."This House Full of Shadows"on original release20:43
7."A Tiny Violin"reissue bonus track (from Contemporary Works I, CD 10)4:14

Disc 5: Cocooning (reissued in 2018)

1."Easy Listening"on original release26:11
2."And She Is Kind and Gentle"on original release12:01
3."I Just Have to Sing My Hymns"on original release20:03
4."It Still is Now"on original release2:17
5."Blowin' Thru the High Grass"on original release6:20
6."Many Dreams Have Faded"on original release1:29
7."Many Fears Have Vanished"on original release9:36
8."As the Years Went By"on original release2:07

Disc 6: Thank You (included only with the first 333 copies)

1."Chinese Eyes"reissued on La Vie Electronique 1613:18
2."Chinese Ears"reissue bonus track on Virtual Outback (14:55)10:31
3."High Noon (12 Uhr Nachts)" 17:33
4."My World Keeps Spinning Around" 15:39


  • Klaus Schulze – electronics, keyboards, guitar
  • Wolfgang Tiepold – cello
  • Thomas Kagermann – Arabian flute, violin, vocals
  • Julia Messenger – vocals
  • Audrey Motaung – vocals
  • Tobias Becker – oboe, English horn
  • Mickes – guitar
  • Tom Dams – some groove loops

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