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A content designer designs content for media and publishing content for media or software. The term is mainly used in design fields such as Graphic Design, Visual Design and Sound Design (Music Industry). Content design can be used in print work; however, the term generally refers to content on the internet or in the Sound Industry (Music Production). Content designers work in many industries and are responsible for the organization, layout, and curation of web content. Moreover, the term can be stretched to include producers of anything that a user will interact with. This term can also be used as another term for a game designer.

Duties and responsibilities[edit]

Content designers are essential to online marketing. In order to bring visual ideas to life, content designers are almost always skilled in various developments in order to create or design content that makes an impact. The content designers usually focus on animated graphics, texts, videos and may even include sound in their content, depending on the message as well as the target audience. Many content designers produce their content from a scratch and work directly on their project with a few other team members.[1] The duties of a content designer vary, depending on the type of company and projects the content designer is developing for.[2] The format of the content usually specifies a more specific title such as graphic designer for graphical content, writer for textual content, instructional designer for educational content, or a programmer for automated program/data-driven content. Most content designers must create or draw original work which is relevant to a specific topic or message that they wish to communicate.[2] An important job of a content designer is being able to adapt to new advances with coding and graphic designing. Content designers also create new codes and templates and should be able to keep themselves updated with new and different coding.[3]

Career path[edit]

In this industry, competitive fields of each type of design discipline leave designers striving for higher positions in order to increase their income. People who decide to make content designing their career of choice must be fluent in Adobe Creative Suite and QuarkXPress. Content designers who are able to code and use other software are far more likely to succeed or reach a higher level of position in this career field.[4]

Web developer vs. web designer[edit]

Content designers in the programming design area might deliberate the role of a web developer versus web designer. Web developers deal with the non-design aspect of building websites, which includes coding and writing markup and site hierarchy, including: client-side coding, server-side coding, and database technology.[5] Web developers require a more intense education in order to create a website rather than web designers. Generally, web developers excel at coding and the technical aspects of web programming. Web designers create content, whereas web developers must create code that is easy to read, user-friendly, and overall enjoyable to navigate by a user.[6]

Web designers use graphics and graphic design software to create visuals for a website. They then use coding to make it available online. Designers are creative and use both intuition and imagination. However, web designers express less concern with the look of a website than how technically sound it is. They build a website from the ground up and know all the specific languages for that website.[7]

Overall, online representation of a business through websites due to web developing has made an impact on modern day society. Web developing serves a platform to promote online marketing for a business and gain global exposure. Millions of online users are able to engage with their favorite businesses due to web developing.[8]

Web design and development introduce a convenient way to maneuver through websites. A simple design that is easy to engage users is an effective outcome. Web designs are constantly updated in order to stay relevant for its users. The aesthetic of a website translates how well users are attracted to use a website.[9]

Web designer salary[edit]

A web designer must make design decisions that affect the color, layout and overall graphical appearance, which are influenced by the function in which they are designed, as well as the audience to which they are communicated.[10] Web design and web development are two different fields; however, the salary of web developers, on average for 2012 has been $61,250-91,250, whereas web designers on average make approximately $53,750-88,000 yearly.[11]

Senior content designer[edit]

A senior content designer leads a content design group in designing new content for a product or project that is typically web-based. Depending on the content, the role of a senior content designer may be similar or identical to a communication design, game development, or educational role with a different title more associated with those professions. For example, a senior content designer in a communication design profession is better known as a creative director.

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