Continental Automobile Manufacturing Company

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This article handles the Continental automobile built in New Haven, Connecticut, from 1907-1908. For other Continental automobiles refer to the List of U.S. cars.

This Continental car was built by the University Automobile Company located in New Haven. It was renamed the Continental Automobile Manufacturing Company in 1908. Chief engineer was C. S. Johnson. There is no known connection with other Continental automobiles.

The New Haven-built Continentals had front-mounted four cylinder engines. Pictures indicate that power was brought to the rear wheels by a pair of chains. These cars are easily recognizable by their perfectly round radiator and barrel-shaped hood. There was a large script reading "Continental" and "New Haven" in the underlining.

The model line-up for 1907-08 was as follows:

Model Engine H.P. Wheelbase coachwork Price
A 4 cyl. 25 100 in. runabout $2,400
B 4 cyl. 30 112 in. tonneau $2,700
C 4 cyl. 35 120 in. touring $3,000

There were other methods of measuring the power of an automobile back in those years. Often, A.L.A.M. horsepower was designated which does not correspond with modern bhp or kW.

A Continental runabout driven by Johnson at the Yale University Automobile Club spring 1907 meet did a mile in a minute. Three Continentals participated in the 1907 Glidden Tour, C.S. Johnson among them. He did not finish the tour as he was arrested for speeding and the collision with a trolley in Dayton (Ohio).


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