Continental IO-346

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Type Piston aero-engine
National origin United States
Manufacturer Teledyne Continental Motors
First run 1962
Major applications Beechcraft Musketeer

The Continental IO-346 engine is a fuel-injected four-cylinder aircraft engine that was developed especially for the Beechcraft Musketeer Custom III by Continental Motors. It was produced for that aircraft between 1965 and 1969.[1]

Design and development[edit]

There is no carbureted version of the engine, which would have been designated O-346 and therefore the base model is the IO-346.[1][2]

The IO-346 was designed to run on 91-98 avgas. The engine has a dry weight of 269¾ lb or 297 lb including the generator and starter. The ignition system consists of dual magnetos, one Scintilla S4RN-201 and one S4RN-205 or, alternatively, two Slick Electro 449 magnetos.[1][2]


Base model, certified 27 July 1962[2]
Identical to IO-346-A except it incorporates provisions for a hydraulic propeller control. Certified 23 June 1964.[2]


1965 model Beechcraft A23 Musketeer equipped with the IO-346 engine

Specifications (IO-346)[edit]

Reference: Engines for Homebuilt Aircraft & Ultralights[1]

General characteristics

  • Type: 4-cylinder air-cooled horizontally opposed aircraft piston engine
  • Bore: 5.25 in (133 mm)
  • Stroke: 4.00 in (102 mm)
  • Displacement: 346 in³ (5.68 L)
  • Length: 30 in (762 mm)
  • Width: 33.38 in (848 mm)
  • Height: 22.4 in (569 mm)
  • Dry weight: 297 lb dry, with starter and generator (135 kg)



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