Continental Volleyball Conference

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Continental Volleyball Conference
Established April 4, 2011
Association NCAA
Division Division III
Members 10
Sports fielded
  • 1
Headquarters Madison, New Jersey
Commissioner Graeme Millar

The Continental Volleyball Conference is an intercollegiate men's volleyball conference associated with the NCAA's Division III.


On April 4, 2011 Gary Williams, Associate Athletic Director of Carthage College announced in Milwaukee the formation of the Continental Volleyball Conference. The league was established as a direct result of the launch of the NCAA Men's Division III Volleyball Championship in the next school year of 2011–12, with the inaugural tournament to take place in April 2012.[1]

With the continued growth of Division III men's volleyball, the CVC announced in March 2014 that it would split into two leagues after the 2014 season.[2] The league's six Eastern members retained the CVC name and branding, while the six Midwestern members, plus two other Midwestern schools that had been announced as incoming CVC members, formed a new men's volleyball conference that was later unveiled as the Midwest Collegiate Volleyball League (MCVL).[3] When the split was announced, the eastern members also added Rutgers–Newark, a Division III school which had previously played at the National Collegiate (Division I/II) level as a "grandfathered" scholarship-granting program, for the 2015 season.[4]

The conference added the newly launched men's volleyball program of Alvernia as its eighth member for the 2017 season.[5]

Further membership changes were announced in 2016. First, on October 12, the Middle Atlantic Conferences, whose Commonwealth Conference was the all-sports home of charter CVC member Stevenson and new CVC member Alvernia, announced that its Middle Atlantic Conference would begin sponsoring men's volleyball in the 2018 season, leading to the departure of those schools from the CVC.[6] Within a week of this development, the CVC announced that Kean, Neumann, and Southern Virginia would become new members for the 2018 season, and that Thiel would leave after that same season.[7] Then, on November 21, Ramapo was announced as an incoming member for the 2018 season.[8]

The CVC will remain at 10 members even after the departure of Thiel, as the league announced that the new varsity team of Randolph–Macon College would join for the 2019 season.[9]

Current members[edit]

The league currently has 10 full members, with one member departing after the 2018 season and a new member joining for 2019 and beyond. The departing member is highlighted in red.

Note that because NCAA men's volleyball is a spring sport, the year of joining is the calendar year before the first season of competition.

Institution Location Nickname Founded Type Enrollment Joined Primary
Cairn University[n 1] Langhorne, Pennsylvania Crimson Eagles 1913 Private 911 2011 CSAC
Eastern Mennonite University Harrisonburg, Virginia Royals 1917 Private 1,589 2011 ODAC
Juniata College Huntingdon, Pennsylvania Eagles 1876 Private 1,593 2011 Landmark
Kean University Union, New Jersey Cougars 1855 Private 16,000 2017 NJAC
Marymount University Arlington, Virginia Saints 1950 Private 3,633 2013 CAC
Neumann University Aston, Pennsylvania Knights 1965 Private 2,337 2017 CSAC
Ramapo College Mahwah, New Jersey Roadrunners 1969 Public 6,008 2017 NJAC
Rutgers University–Newark Newark, New Jersey Scarlet Raiders 1936[n 2] Public 12,011 2014 NJAC
Southern Virginia University Buena Vista, Virginia Knights 1867 Private 928 2017 CAC
Thiel College Greenville, Pennsylvania Tomcats 1866 Private 1,000 2011 Presidents'
  1. ^ Cairn was known as Philadelphia Biblical University until July 2012.
  2. ^ Rutgers University as a whole was founded in 1766. The founding date in this table reflects that of the University of Newark, which was merged into Rutgers in 1946 and became the current Rutgers–Newark campus.

Future member[edit]

Institution Location Nickname Founded Type Enrollment Joining Primary
Randolph–Macon College Ashland, Virginia Yellow Jackets 1830 Private 1,146 2018 ODAC

Former members[edit]

Institution Location Nickname Type Joined Left Current
volleyball conference
Alvernia University Reading, Pennsylvania Crusaders Private 2016 2017 MAC
Carthage College Kenosha, Wisconsin Redmen Private 2011 2014 MCVL
Dominican University River Forest, Illinois Stars Private 2013 2014 NACC
Fontbonne University St. Louis, Missouri Griffins Private 2011 2014 MCVL
Lakeland College Sheboygan, Wisconsin Muskies Private 2013 2014 NACC
Mount St. Joseph University[b 1] Delhi Township, Ohio Lions Private 2011[b 2] 2014 MCVL
Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) Milwaukee, Wisconsin Raiders Private 2011 2014 NACC
Stevenson University Owings Mills, Maryland Mustangs Private 2011 2017 MAC
University of California, Santa Cruz (UC Santa Cruz) Santa Cruz, California Banana Slugs Public 2011 2013 Independent
  1. ^ The school was known as the College of Mount St. Joseph before July 2014.
  2. ^ Mount St. Joseph fielded a team in the CVC's first season of 2012. It did not field a team in 2013, but returned for 2014.

In addition to the above schools, two other institutions that were adding men's volleyball for the 2014–15 school year (2015 season)—Benedictine University in Illinois and Loras College in Iowa—had been announced as new CVC members. They never officially joined the CVC, instead uniting with the six Midwestern CVC schools in the MCVL.[3] (Loras remains in the MCVL, while Benedictine left once its all-sports home of the Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference began sponsoring men's volleyball in 2017–18.)

Membership timeline[edit]

As noted previously, the year of joining is the calendar year before the first season of competition.

Randolph–Macon College Southern Virginia University Ramapo College Neumann University Kean University Alvernia University Rutgers University–Newark Marymount University Thiel College Stevenson University Milwaukee School of Engineering Mount St. Joseph University Lakeland College (Wisconsin) Fontbonne University Dominican University (Illinois) Carthage College University of California, Santa Cruz Juniata College Eastern Mennonite University Cairn University


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