Contra-alto flute

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Contra-alto flute
Woodwind instrument
Hornbostel–Sachs classification421.121.12-71
(Aerophone with keys)
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The contra-alto flute is a large member of the flute family, pitched between the bass flute and the contrabass flute. It is a transposing instrument either in G (a perfect fourth below the bass flute, one octave below the alto flute) or in F (a perfect fifth below the bass flute, major ninth below the alto flute). The instrument's body is held vertically with an adjustable floor peg similar to that of the bass clarinet. The instrument maker Eva Kingma calls her contra-alto flute a "contr'alto flute in G,"[1] while Kotato & Fukushima call their instrument a "bass flute in F."[2]


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