Contract (Law & Order: Criminal Intent)

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Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode
Episode no. Season 7
Episode 12 (#146 overall)
Directed by Jonathan Herron
Written by Dick Wolf (creator)
René Balcer (developer)
Warren Leight (story)
Peter Blauner (story and teleplay)
Production code CI7012
Original air date June 15, 2008
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
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"Contract" is a seventh season episode of the television series Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Plot summary[edit]

In this episode, Detectives Logan and Wheeler investigate the case of a television news anchor who is blackmailed by a popular tabloid gossip columnist. When the man goes to the NYPD and wears a wire for detectives, the car blows up and the columnist is killed, while the anchorman is severely injured. The detectives find themselves up to their eyeballs in suspects and motives, where no one theory and suspect can be ruled out as a possibility, because the columnist was extorting money from famous people, ostensibly to open a luxurious restaurant and trying to protect his younger sister. The list of suspects include a mobster whom the victim had some major gambling debts and a physician who has operated on many renowned athletes, as well as an unscrupulous filmmaker and his wife/assistant – a studio executive who is disturbed to hear about any drug involvement in relation to a huge star who recently died on set. As Logan and Wheeler begin to stitch together the pieces, they discover a sordid secret life of sex and deceit that could be a motivating factor in the crime.



Cast Role
Chris Noth Det. Mike Logan
Julianne Nicholson Det. Megan Wheeler
Eric Bogosian Capt. Danny Ross

Also Starring[edit]

Cast Role
Leslie Hendrix Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers


Cast Role
Jeff Garlin Barry Freeburg
Federico Castelluccio Frank Chess
Emily Kinney Jeannie Richmond
Timothy Adams Spencer London
Tibor Feldman Dr. Jacoby


  • This episode marks the return of Detective Wheeler, after going over to Europe to teach American police procedure to European police officers.


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